Coming Fall 2020!

Fully integrated employee expense reimbursements for truly comprehensive accounts payables.

The Expense Reimbursement Module was designed to be an intuitive, feature-packed plugin for your comprehensive account payables solution. Rich automation features make reporting and paying employee expenses a breeze, sparing your non-finance and AP team time for higher value tasks.

receipt capture

Capture and upload.

Make your camera do the work. Upload invoices on your mobile phone to get reimbursed for your business expenses effortlessly. Accrualify uses advanced information processing via optical character recognition (OCR) to extract data from images so you don’t have to manually input amounts and details.

AP automation

Easy online reimbursement.

Make paperwork a thing of the past! Improve expense reimbursement times by eliminating lengthy in-person processes. Request reimbursements from your smartphone or computer.

mobile app

Anywhere expense reporting.

Manage your reimbursements from anywhere in the world over an internet or network connection. Accrualify is a cloud-based solution with a computer or on our dedicated mobile app (iOS and Android).

Auto ERP sync

Direct ERP sync.

Accrualify easily connects to most ERP systems. Because of our auto-sync feature, your team will never need to manually add journal entries for employee expenses again.

easy to use

Unlimited, robust approval flows.

Streamline workflows for quicker reimbursement times. Incorporate automation into existing policies and speed up the approval process at your company. Workflows can be as complex as needed to fit your company requirements. Employees will see faster reimbursement times through digital payments.


Unlimited customizable expense policies.

Incorporate existing policies into your expense reimbursement workflow. Create a process that works better for your employees and eliminates mistakes. Unlimited policies and granular controls give you the power to create expensing policies that fit your finance team’s goals.


Automated GL coding of expenses.

Define the GL code of expenses by category, reducing the need for your team to manually code expenses as they come in. Pull in the existing categories from your ERP system for seamless integration of data between your systems.

purchase order management

Require purchase orders for expenses over certain amounts.

Get ahead of your employee expenses by requiring purchase orders for expenses over specified thresholds. Keep large employee expenses under control by creating a PO violation for expenses over the threshold you set. Employees can request POs with our Purchase Order Module or we can sync in POs from your PO for linking purposes.

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