Single + multi-use virtual cards for instant, secure payments.

The Corporate Card Module is FREE* and gives corporate finance teams more control over vendor payments, employee spend and other business transactions. Accrualify’s cloud-based platform keeps your financials in sync with your ERP. Give your finance team a better way to manage organizational card spend with an enterprise-grade payment solution that includes virtual card and physical card management.

*Excludes FX and plastic card fees. Applies to Visa programs only.

virtual cards

Single + multi-use virtual cards.

Issue virtual cards for single payments for employee purchases, department spend, or vendor payments. Configure virtual card settings to allow for multiple transactions limited by amount, expiration windows, and more.


Real-time spend tracking.

Manage your organization’s spend on a cloud-based platform you can access from home or the office. See transactions in real-time so you’re never in the dark about your corporate card spend.

customizable platform

Easily fits into your existing policies.

Employees can easily request a virtual card via a PO request in Accrualify. Once the PO is approved, you can issue a card against the PO with the spend and issuance details copied directly from the PO. Need more oversight? Approval workflows can easily be applied before issuance!

Auto ERP sync

Direct ERP sync.

Accrualify easily connects to most ERP systems. Because of our auto-sync feature, your team will never need to manually add journal entries for card spend again.

secure virtual cards

Bank-grade security.

Your virtual card is encrypted with a randomized 
16-Digit number that prevents unauthorized transactions and guards against double spend.

automatic paper check

Velocity controls for fraud prevention.

Limit spend privileges by adding conditional requirements to individual virtual cards. Administrators can authorize/restrict payments by category, merchant, or specific days of the week.


Bank reconciliations.

We’ll match balances in your Accrualify instance to your bank statements, saving your team time to work on other initiatives.

bank reconciliation

Issue and manage physical cards.

The Corporate Card Module is designed to give you full control on your corporate card spend, whether it’s virtual or plastic. When virtual cards aren’t right, you can issue plastic cards to select employees, while employing the same spend controls as a virtual card.

domestic and international payments

Credit and pre-funded models available.

Because Accrualify works with a few different banks and processors, you are able to choose from a full-credit or pre-funded card model. Pick the funding method right for your organization!

Want to see how the Corporate Card Module can reduce employee expenses and streamline card spend?